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1. Do I need to provide my own router/modem?
ROUTER, No, We can provide one for a refundable deposit. Modem, NO. If Best Buy tells you that you need a modem, walk away. Our service does NOT require or can even use a MODEM.
2. Will my router provided by my satellite provider work ok?
NO, we need a device that is a router only. Satellite provided equipment are technically their modem and use a different type of wire connection than we do.
3. My phone, TV, and Computer, ie Customer devices, cannot see the wifi.
This is a router issue. Your wifi router puts out the wifi signal for your devices to connect to. We only provide the internet for the router to use. If this happens, you need to call the Tech Support department for the manufacturer of the router you have.
     ***You can try unplugging the power to the router for about 10 seconds, plug it back in, give it about 3 minutes to power up and see if this corrects the issue.***
4. Internet not working at all, on any devices?
If your devices CAN connect to your wifi, but they CANNOT access the internet, Yes, There is a difference. Wifi is not "Internet" and "Internet" is NOT Wifi. Wifi is a wireless signal that broadcast the actual internet connection. First thing to try is unplugging the power cord to your router AND the white power adapter to our radio for about 10 seconds or so and plugging them back in. Wait about 3 minutes or so for both to power up properly and re-connect and try again.
     This usually corrects most issues. If this step does not work, then please call our office at 432-203-6155. 
5. Someone pressed the 'RESET' button on the back of the router and now our internet doesn't work.
This happens more often than it should and this should probably be on top of this list. When the RESET button is pressed on the back of the router, it is 'RESET' back to factory condition and NO, it will not work. It will have to be re-configured. Instructions can be found online with a simple Google search on how to re-configure it. The next best option is to call Tech Support of the manufacturer of your router and ask them to assist you in re-configuring it. We can assist if we are not to busy, but their is usually a fee since this is customer equipment and not ours. It does take us away from our usual responsibilities.
6. "Why are my "speed test" results reporting poorly?."
There are SO MANY factors that go into this. 
1. The device you are testing from.
2. The connection method of the device you are testing from.
3. The quality of your router.
4. Is anything in your house using the internet at the same time you are running a "speed test"?
5. What "speed test" server did you try?
6. The congestion on the "speed test" server you are testing with. <<~~ No one can determine this, except for its owner.

You are actually testing your available Bandwidth, NOT spe
ed. We DO NOT guarantee bandwidth. That is truly impossible. 
We are allowing you to USE *UP TO* that much bandwidth. We're gonna be here awhile.

From here on out, I am going to call it what it is, a "bandwidth test."

     Running a bandwidth test on wifi is never a good idea, even from within your network. This method introduces WAY more factors out of our control. Your router could be suffering from outside interference or congestion. If you see 2 wifi signals, One is on the 2.4 GHz band and one is on the 5 GHz band. If you do not, then they are more than likely combined together into one SSID, most "mesh" type routers do this. Because of this, you cannot easily tell which one your router is choosing to put your device on. The 2.4 GHZ band is completely saturated with interference. You can Google that one. It is MUCH "SLOWER" than the 5 GHz but it does reach much further than the 5 GHz. The 5 is much "faster" but it does not reach as far from the router and does not like going through walls. So, if you must run a bandwidth test on WiFi, try to do so from the same room as your router and if you can choose, be on the 5GHz band. It usually ends in something like -5G or whatever. ALWAYS make sure nothing in the house is using the internet at the same time.
     We always recommend running a bandwidth test from a PC, whether it be a laptop or desktop computer, directly plugged into the router with an ethernet cable. This method eliminates all outside WiFi interference from the test. On the top of this page, you will see links to the Top bandwidth test sites that we trust and rely on, when we have to, and always run multiple test and take an avg. 
     The type and/or quality of router is a factor. A cheap, no name router will more than likely never show decent results. Please spend more than $100 on a decent router with a decent reputation. We do like one particular brand for a common router, but we cannot recommend one since we can be held liable if it does not work as advertised. Just because it's new, doesn't mean it will work. Returned items are put back on the shelf all the time. 
Even if all these minimums are met, unfortunately, we still cannot guarantee you will see proper bandwidth test results. 

**The ONLY "speed test" results we will accept are from a computer directly plugged into the LAN port of the white power adapter we installed and checking the sites we have listed at the upper right corner on this site. Please run them (ONE) at a time, but "multiple" times and take an avg.**

To Be Continued...
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